The production facility of Atul Rajasthan Date Palms Ltd (ARDP) at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India maintains global standards of clean room and sterile conditions, supported by in-house developed distributed control system. This not only enables optimum conditions for micro-propagation of long gestation crops but also helps in continuous monitoring of conditions at all growth stages of in-vitro production.

The trained team of skilled technicians, operators and supervisors work as per the protocol, standard operating procedures and operating instructions under the quality management system of the Company. An experienced team of biotechnologists, agricultural scientists and field extension personnel lead the process of continuous improvement.

The tissue culture raised date palm plants produced by ARDP undergo rigorous inspection during each sub-culturing cycle and growth stage. They are true-to type and virus indexed for disease-free plant production of assured quality standards.

The in-vitro plants produced further undergo different stages of acclimatisation, primary hardening and secondary hardening in automated green houses and shade-net houses. These ex-vitro growth stages of tissue culture raised date palm plants in nurseries help them to adapt to the external conditions in a controlled process. The hardening team ensures regular inspection and implementation of protocol as per the variety, age, size, climate and weather conditions to ensure healthy true-to-type male and female tissue culture raised date palm plants of different varieties.

Training and a set of guidelines are given to farmers to ensure scientific cultivation of date palm plants and high field survivability. Drip irrigation and other modern farming practices are promoted for tissue culture raised date palm plants to optimise resource utilisation.