Atul Rajasthan Date Palms Ltd follows a very stringent mother plant and offshoot selection process. Offshoots of high yielding, disease and pest free mother plants of selected varieties are identified from different parts of the world for extraction of meristematic tissues.

Shoot tip portion of the offshoot is excised and the surface is sterilised. Apical meristem from the shoot tip is extracted. The ex-plants are placed in specific nutrient media and initiated in the laboratory under special conditions of illumination, temperature and relative humidity. The organogenesis buds developed from the meristem tissues are encouraged to multiply by direct method. Later, the direct buds are allowed to elongate to shoots and grow inside the laboratory to become rooted in-vitro plantlets.

The rooted plantlets when ready are transplanted into nursery pots, placed in special chambers inside the green-house and gradually acclimatised, followed by primary hardening growth stage. These hardened plants are suitable for sale in international markets. To make them ready for field planting, the plants are transplanted from nursery pots to larger pots | bags, kept under shade house and further secondary hardened.